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Remotely control & curtail your bitcoin mining operations

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Built for miners & hosting providers

Remotely manage and monitor your mining hardware through the Braiins Manager platform. Anywhere, any time.

  • Curtailment

    Take part in various demand response programs and increase your operational profits.

  • Monitor & Manage

    • Oversee hashrate, hashboards, fans, temperature, hardware errors and get logs.

    • Control machines, change pools, restart machines & more.

  • Energy Reports

    • Receive daily and monthly energy reports for every worker and facility.

    • Never manually deal with energy calculations again.

  • Uptime

    Easily monitor the status of your hardware to optimize
    the uptime of each machine.

  • Pool & Firmware Agnostic

    Works with any pool, any firmware, any time.

  • Sitemap

    Efficiently manage your mining fleet by incorporating it into the sitemap. Gain insights into the location and performance of miners, tracking hashrates, temperatures, and issues across containers and racks for meticulous monitoring.


Request private access to Braiins Manager

The mining management platform is currently in invite-only mode.




  • Request private access to Braiins Manager

    Apply for early access to the Braiins Manager platform via the Access Form below.

  • Onboarding

    Install Braiins Manager Agent software in your data center and start onboarding your fleet and hosting clients.

  • Automation & Control

    Control your data centers remotely. Receive power reports and payments from all your hosting clients

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  • How do I join Braiins Manager?

    Request private access to Braiins Manager here.

  • How does Braiins Manager Monitoring and Management work?

    Braiins Manager Agent is software installed on-premise of the facility, which sends requests (every 5 minutes) to the hardware and receives responses with relevant information about the machines. The Agent then feeds the data into the web based Braiins Manager app, where you can easily monitor and manage your data center.

    The Agent also receives commands sent out by the user from your Braiins Manager web app to enable you to remotely shut down, reboot, change pools, turn off hashboards, view logs, etc.

  • How does Braiins Manager calculate energy consumption?

    Braiins Manager developed different algorithms for each hardware brand and model (stock and custom firmware). We test our algorithms against power meters to ensure we’re in the range of ±2% error rate.